A “Le Monde” collection to rediscover Victor Hugo in its reference edition

Le Monde presents the immortal and committed work of Victor Hugo in the Hetzel-Quantin edition, the only one approved by the writer and based on his original manuscripts. This edition is also faithful to the binding and cardboard of the 19th century, the original covers with gilding irons, and includes illustrations by the greatest artists of the time.

Volume 1. ” Notre-Dame de Paris I “

In 1831, Victor Hugo reinvented the Middle Ages and erected a literary monument on a par with the cathedral he had chosen as his setting. In front of Notre-Dame, Paris is haunted by the mobsters of the Court of Miracles. A true apparition of this nightmare, the bohemian Esmeralda dances on the square and bewitches the bell ringer Quasimodo.

Price: 3,99 $, on sale from July 8th.

Volume 2, “Les Misérables I.”

In his masterpiece dedicated to the people of Paris, Hugo tells the story of the long redemption of Jean Valjean, convicted of stealing a loaf of bread… Escaped from prison and pursued by the implacable inspector Javert, Jean Valjean crosses the path of Fantine, a destitute young woman abandoned by her lover and forced to leave her daughter to the Thénardier couple… Greedy and cruel, they mistreat Cosette while Jean Valjean, not far away, operates his redemption.

9,99 $, on sale from July 22nd.

Volume 3, “Notre-Dame de Paris II”.

Claude Frollo, archdeacon of the cathedral, is madly in love with the beautiful gypsy girl Esmeralda and decides to have her kidnapped. His enterprise is thwarted by the captain of the Phoebus guard, whom Frollo stabs, accusing Esmeralda of the murder.Quasimodo, the monstrous bell ringer, who burns with an impossible love for the young woman, tries to save her and gives her shelter in the sanctuary of Notre-Dame, but cannot escape Frollo’s revenge.

9,99 $, on sale from August 5th.

Volume 4, “Les Misérables II.”

Set against the backdrop of the Battle of Waterloo, which consecrated the fall of the writer’s admired Emperor, Napoleon I, this book depicts Jean Valjean’s breathless pursuit by Javert. Soon sent to the galleys, Valjean escapes from there to take refuge, with Cosette, in the convent of Petit-Picpus.

9,99 $, on sale from August 19th.

Volume 5, “The Legend of the Centuries I.”

A monumental work depicting nothing less than the history of humanity, this collection of poems is considered the only true French epic, in which Hugo depicts the centuries that follow one another and humanity, this “great collective individual performing from time to time a series of acts on earth” whose guiding thread is always progress.

9,99 $, on sale from September 2nd.


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