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Vincent Cuvellier presents his novel "The worst book in the world", published by Nathan editions, in the new "Court Always" collection.

Updated on 10/11/2020 | 12:32 published on 10/11/2020 | 12:18

Her name is always Court and it's a brand new collection from Editions Nathan, to read from 15 years old.

Short stories, to read everywhere, all the time! - When you want, where you want!

Short, because these novels are all read in less than an hour.Always, because it is impossible to escape it with three versions available: in print novel, in audio, or in digital version, via the Nathan Live app.

Each of Court's stories always tells a key moment in the life of a young person today.Vincent Cuvellier is one of the essential authors of children's literature and he wrote for this collection The worst book in the world.

Young Paul is going to have a very funny holiday experience! Having left without taking a ticket, he is disembarked from the train by the conductor.In his pocket, he has just a little novel that he has taken at random from a bookbox.He starts reading it at the station café.A reading that he finds very pompous and boring.But now the author himself presents himself to him ...This short novel reads almost like a joke.There is a real misunderstanding in this story which is surprising, zany , full of humor and of course it makes you grow too!

And to read also without waiting five other small jewels of the Short collection are still available:

Like a man, by Florence Hinckel Les Potos first, by Rachel Corenblit At the orders of the heart, by Fabrice Colin Silent Boy, by Gaël Aymon His heroine, by Séverine Vidal

Posted Date: 2020-11-09

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